Homemade Strawberry Jam


Summers are for squashes , jams and juices ! Strawberry jam is such a breeze to make that you would not want to eat the fake jam anymore.

Strawberry jam is so simple and easy to make . The best part is that you can control what goes into it specially the amount of sugar. Making jam is relatively an easy task , but just need to remember a few things. The points I will mention below in the notes section. Here in this recipe I have used pectin , Pectic is a natural compound found in most of the fruits and vegetables. The amount of pectin will differ. Pectic helps the jam to cook faster therefore preserving its natural flavours and also it creates a gel like structure to the jam which otherwise is a fruit juice .You can also make jam without Pectic but it will be a little more runny and you need to cook for a longer time , which can destroy its original flavour. If pectin is not available in your country, then you can use applesauce in the recipe or make your own applesauce. Apples have the highest amount of pectin and it will help to bind the jam together.


makes about 850 gms of jam

1/2 kg or 500 gms fresh strawberries
2 tablespoons lemon juice
4 tablespoons ginger juice
250 gms sugar with pectin (see notes)




  • ​in a steel pot , add the chopped strawberries, lemon juice , ginger juice and sugar.
  • stir it once and all the mixture to boil for 15 mins.
  • stir the mixture occasionally . Cook the mixture on medium heat to avoid burning.
  • after 15 mins when the mixture becomes slightly thick , switch off the flame .
  • Puree using a hand blender when hot or you can just mash with a potato masher.
  • if the mixture is cooled then it starts to set .
  • use only sterilised jars to transfer the mixture.
  • close the lids tightly and allow to cool outside for 24hts and refrigerate for upto 2-3 months.
  • if you wish to store the jams upto 10 months then follow these steps –
  • in a large pot brings lots of water to boil.
  • put the hot jars in the water until fully submerged.
  • close with a lid.
  • cook for 10-15 mins .
  • carefully lift the jars from water , the lid gives a pop sound . This means it is air tight.
  • If some of the have not popped allow on the counter overnight and it will seal tightly.
  • store in the refrigerator next day upto 10 months unopened.


Using ginger juice gives a very good taste. But it’s really optinal .To make ginger juice grind 3 inches ginger with some water . Strain the juice with a tea filter.
If you do not have sugar with pectin , use 3 tablespoons of pectin in the recipe.
To sterilize glass bottles , in a big pot bring water to boil. Carefully drop the glass jars and the lids . Cook for 10 mins and remove with clean tongs.
Sometimes it may happen that if the bottle is cold and the strawberry jam is hot , then the glass jar may break. Yo avoid this remove the sterilised jars from the water just before transferring the jam. Then there is a balance in the temperatures.

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