salsa – easy blender salsa


Spicy, refreshing salsa , perfect for a nacho evening !

Salsa is a Mexican salad dip usually eaten with nachos. The salsa can be made in 2 ways that is with grilled tomatoes, which gives the salsa a smoked flavour or using raw tomatoes. In this recipe, i have used raw tomatoes but if you choose to use grilled tomatoes, it’s perfectly fine too. I have also used capsicum here but it’s optional. The recipe is made using a food processor, which cuts down the prep time and eliminates the laborious task of chopping the veggies fine. You cannot use a blender here but only a food processor.Use pulse mode to get fine chops and refrigerate until cold . This dip is always served cold and so suits the scorching summers.


makes 2 cups salsa

5 medium tomatoes , roughly chopped
1 medium onion , roughly chopped
1 green capsicum, roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic
salt to taste
1/2 lemon juice
2-3 fresh chillies
1 teaspoon cumin powder
​small bunch of fresh coriander leaves or parsley



  • ​in a good processor, add all the ingredients one be one .
  • using the pulse mode , blend until all the ingredients are chopped finely and mixed.
  • taste for salt and remove into a bowl.
  • refreigerate until chill and serve with nachos.
  • if you don not have a food processor, chop all the veggies finely and mix.
  • after refrigeration there will be some water released from tomatoes, you can drain a few spoons out before serving.

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