dahi ke kabab {yoghurt kababs}


Melt in the mouth … kababs , must try for every season. Made with hung curd and laced with spices to spice up those Chai evenings.

First time I tried these was at the ‘The Great Kabab Factory’ , in Delhi. Delhi is as such known for its great food for every budget. This Kabab factory only serves kababs of different variety and my God they are to die for. So tantalising , every Kabab is different and quite a portion. So to try all the kababs and for seconds, one needs to fast for a day ! The kababs are usually deep fried but , I always try to avoid deep frying and reserve for a special occasion.This Kabab is quite filling so a few cocktail kababs will go a long way. The key to making this is the hung curd , yoghurt which has been sitting in a muslin cloth for at least 24 hrs. This helps to drain out the water and give a creamy mixture. This recipe also uses roasted Channa Dal , this helps to to add structure and gives a good bind. This needs to be sparingly used as you don’t want the dal flavour to stick around. So squeezing the water out of the yoghurt is an important step here.




makes about 25 cocktail kababs

1 kg Yoghurt
1 cup Channa Dal
salt to taste
1.5 teaspoons Black Salt
1 teaspoon Garam Masala
maida to roll
​oil to cook

for green masala paste
3 tablespoons mint leaves
1/4 th bunch of coriander leaves
​4 green chillies



  • ​to make hung curds, in a colander place muslin cloth and add the yoghurt.
  • gather the ends and tie a knot to remove water.
  • place in the colander overnight to remove most of the water.
  • a weight can be placed to maximise the process.
  • in a pan , add Channa Dal and roast until light brown on medium flame.
  • allow to cool and make a fine powder.
  • to make the kababs, in a big bowl add the hung yoghurt, green paste, black salt, garam masala,salt and mix well.
  • start with adding 2-3 tablespoons of Channa Dal powder and mix well.
  • the dough will be a little sticky, but if it’s too sticky then add a little more Channa Dal.
  • allow to rest for a few minutes for the dal to absorb some moisture.
  • grease palms and pull a small lemon sized ball and roll it between palms to make a smooth ball.
  • flatten to make a cutlet.
  • roll them in maida flour.
  • on a griddle, smear little oil and place the cutlets.
  • smear little oil on the top of the Kabab as well.
  • lightly flip the cutlet and cook.
  • roll the Cutlet on the sides as well to give rounded edges.
  • ​serve hot with ketchup or green chutney.
  • the kababs can be deep fried too.

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