rasgulla {bengali sweet cottage cheese dumplings}


Rasgullas need no special introduction!! Make this festive season special with homemade rasgullas.

Rasgulla or rasagulla whatever name you call it , is an extremely popular dessert made from paneer.’Rasa’ or ‘Ras’ which means thin syrup . The paneer or chenna as it is called is kneaded into a smooth dough and made into small or medium sized balls. They are then simmered in sugar water in a pressure cooker or an cooktop for 10-12 minutes. That’s it , simple yet very appealing dessert. The sweet originated in West Bengal and is a very popular dessert . The basic recipe is a rasgulla and can be made into many other sweets like chum chum , ras malai and uncooked version is sandesh or as it’s called sondesh. The important thing to note here is to have fresh paneer. This is extremely important to make soft rasgullas. Store bought ones would have been compressed to remove all water and using this would make the rasgullas dry and can break. Also the chenna or paneer needs to be prepared just before make the rasgullas as keeping the paneer for a long time will result in a dry paneer . Making paneer is extremely easy , check out my video below to make fresh paneer at home with ease. Paneer is also made with lemon juice and somehow it retains the taste of lemon. But both the methods can be used but the taste and texture might differ a little.



want to make your own paneer or cottage cheese, check here


makes 22 small ones

200 gms Paneer /Chenna
2 cups Sugar (1 cup = 225 gms)
8 – 10 cups water
1 teaspoon Rose Essence (optional)


  • In a large pressure cooker add 8-10 cups water.
  • add sugar and bring to a boil.
  • meanwhile , kneed paneer or chenna to a smooth dough.
  • takes about 5-6 mins to kneed.
  • use your palms to rub the chenna against the plate.
  • you should end up with a soft ball of paneer.
  • cut small to medium pieces of the chenna .
  • take each piece and roll it in between your palms to get a smooth ball.
  • repeat for all the pieces.
  • add rose essence to the boiling water .
  • this is optional asbit slighyly alters the colour of the rasgullas, but it tastes very good.
  • put the ball into the boiling water and close the lid of the pressure cooker.
  • allow one whistle by cooking on high flame and then turn down the flame to medium to cook for additional 7-8 mins.
  • once the cooker has cooled allow the rasgullas to stand until fully cooked down .
  • removing it will result in changing the shape of the rasgullas.
  • allow overnight for the rasgullas to soak up the syrup.
  1. Note – it is best to use freshly made paneer in this recipe as the store bought ones will have less moisture.
  2. While making the paneer , do not squeeze out the entire water to make it dry. This will result in dry paneer which is difficult to kneed and the rasgullas can break while cooking.
  3. instead of using a pressure cooker, feel free to follow the same procedure using a big pot. The results are the same.
  4. If you want a thicker syrup , after removing the rasgullas boil the syrup until it is thick . This can be used while serving the rasgullas.



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