strawberry ice cream {guilt free ,coconut based}


Treat yourself this valentines with some guilt free ice cream , yes guilt free , loaded with freshness of strawberries.

Call it healthy ice cream , weight loss friendly, keto friendly , yes it is friendly. This treat has no bananas if you are on that weight loss program. It has no cream to make you guilty after gulping that delicious sugar loaded ice cream. This is a great recipe , if you are one of those craving for ice cream but have to deceive yourself .This ice cream is made from frozen strawberries which help you to achieve that creamy texture. Also I have used almond meal to give it some volume , instead of bananas. The coconut cream gives it a creamy texture and great flavour. This recipe is so adaptable that you can use any fruit to make flavourful ice creams. But strawberries are loaded with vitamin c and it is a low calorie fruit. This helps you to shed those extra kilos which was apparently one of those new year resolutions long long time ago 😜.The recipe also uses stevia , it is a plant which is supposed to be 200% sweeter than sugar. The calories that you get by consuming 1 tablespoon of stevia is about 2 cal approximately. So it makes it a healthier choice as per the current studies. Stevia can also be used in baking and cooking too. A little amount goes a long way. But if you don’t like to use stevia , other replacer like honey or jaggery can be used . Depending on what you use , the texture and taste might vary a bit. This ice cream needs to be served immediately. If kept out for sometime, depending on the weather , the ice crystals will start to melt and you will end in a soupy mess. If you decide to freeze some , it needs to be re-blended again for the same effect . But it’s totally worth the little effort.So this valentines deceive your brain but not your body . Make healthier choice wherever possible, it will make a healthier you !



makes about 4 scoops

7-8 frozen strawberries
1 tablespoon stevia
2 tablespoons coconut cream *
1 tablespoon almond powder / meal
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract



  • ​in a high speed blender , add strawberries, stevia , coconut cream , vanilla extract and almond meal.
  • blend on height speed for 2-3 minutes.
  • scrape the sides and blend again until smooth.
  • for the sauce ,
  • make a purée of 2-3 strawberries without adding water
  • in a pan add the strawberry purée and 1 tablespoon honey
  • cook on medium heat until sauce thickens.
  • keep stirring as there is a danger of the sauce getting scorched.
  • remove it into a bowl.
  • scoop the ice cream into a bowl and drizzle the sauce.
  • add nuts for extra crunch.
  • enjoy immediately!

Note – the coconut fat is required without water. To make the water and cream separate, store the coconut can in the refrigerator overnight.

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