aloo & pudina paratha {potatoes & mint flatbread, vegan}


Potatoes and mint filling in whole wheat bread. Best served with plain yoghurt and a dash of cumin powder !

My mother’s style …..!! Yes this is not any authentic recipe but the kind of nostalgic food I grew up with..Being a South Indian and not often visits to restaurants, we her own versions of everything. And rice being the staple food in our house , chapatis used to be a weekly affair. So parathas were the occasional soul food which was enjoyed like a Michelin 3 star food . Once in 6 or 7 months mom used to make this and it was a treat for school lunch. Today I can totally see the reverse excitement when I make for my own kids. “Is this what I get for lunch today , huh ?? “. Small pleasures of life have been conveniently replaced by fast foods, pizzas and pastas which are supposed to be more cool !! Today’s kids fail to understand how we can get excited with simple and cheap food. Somethings are best not explained and only enjoyed !!


makes 7-8 parathas

1 cup onions sliced thinly
1 cup chopped mint leaves
3-4 green chillies, finely chopped
5-6 medium sized potatoes boiled and peeled
2 tablespoons oil + for roasting
2 teaspoons of turmeric
​1/2 lemon juice

for the dough
2 cups whole wheat flour
​salt as per taste


  • ​In a bowl , mash potatoes well so that there are no lumps.
  • heat oil in a pan and when it’s hot, add green chillies.
  • fry for a couple of mins to release the flavour.
  • add onions and fry till translucent.
  • add turmeric and mint leaves.
  • mix and fry till the raw smell of mint is off.
  • add the mashed potatoes, salt and lemon juice.
  • mix well and keep the mixture aside to cool down.
  • In another bowl , add flour and salt.
  • add water little at a time to make a tight dough.
  • rest it for 30 mins and punch it again for a few minutes.
  • take a big lemon sized dough.
  • form a round shape and dust with dry flour.
  • roll it into the size of a poori and place the filling in the centre.
  • now carefully gather all the ends and secure in the middle by pinching the dough.
  • dust again with flour and roll with very little pressure until you get the right size.
  • do not make it too thin as it might break.
  • on a hot griddle brush a little oil and place the rolled paratha with care.
  • brush the top with oil as well and roast it on both sides at low temperatures.
  • this will produce crisp parathas.
  • enjoy the hot parathas with ghee, yoghurt and green chilli pickle or mango tokku( my way).

Note – roasting on low heat will make the parathas crisp
green chillies give the extra punch to this. So don’t replace with chilli powder if possible.

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