butter using cream


Oops …. while whipping cream did it curdle instead of turning into a smooth gliding cream ?? Fret not because here is what you can do with it …… Butter … yes Butter …

Has this ever happened to you , you baked a cake and while it’s waiting to cook itself down you pick up you whisk to create some smooth fluffy whipping cream ? And as you whip and whip and whip … waiting for the magical cream you end up with something that looks grainy? Oh god oh god !! What happened , just a minute ago everything was smooth and silky and now you can see some tiny lumps ….. disruptions of plans isn’t it ?? This happened to me not once but twice. But I would blame the weather and not myself for his 😂 . While the cake I baked went as planned , and now to the whipping cream was a terrible mess. The weather was hot and humid and even though I chilled cream , I ended up with curdled cream. Then again I rushed to the supermarket to buy some more fresh cream and this time I bought chilled cream to save some time . But again I ended up with a grainy mess. I did not want to throw it away but instead made butter with it. Yes when cream seperates the water , you end up with butter.
It is possible to fix curdled cream in the initial stage by adding 2 tablespoons of fresh cream. But I was not that lucky and was leftover with two batches of curdled cream. While it is a bit messy to completely curdle the cream as the whey from splitting starts to splash everywhere!! So use as big a bowl as you can .There is no exact measurement to this but to just use the curdled cream .Once you have removed all the whey from the butter , set it in a bowl and it’s ready to use. The butter is so creamy and soft . I used the same butter to whip up a batch of buttercream for my cake!! Store it in the refrigerator for longer shelf life……





curdled cream ( whatever quantity)
8-10 ice cubes
1/2 liter cold water




  • ​whip curdled cream till the whey and butter are separated , for about 8-10 mins.
  • once the cream has started to seperates there will be lot of whey splashing around.
  • keep a kitchen towel to prevent the whey splashing .
  • in a big bowl add water and ice .
  • ​add the separated mix to form a ball of butter. remove water completely.
  • press the butter balls into a container and press to remove any little leftover water.
  • creamy butter is ready for anything…

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