organic ghee {clarified butter}


Don’t shun the golden liquid full of nutrients & adds the extra zing to our foods !!

Let’s all face it , ghee and all other kinds of fats has had a bad name in the past which has made us shun them totally from our diet. But still our moms and grandmother’s add a spoonful of ghee to every meal of ours despite the stubborn objection. Why ?? What is with ghee that it has been part of our Indian culture both religiously and in terms of staple.
Every food that we make has some ghee and it not only enhances the taste but also nourishes and lubricates our body. The key to eating ghee or with any other fats for that matter is moderation. When ghee consumed in moderation it helps our body to assimilate the food consumed.


According to Ayurveda, ghee is considered a satvic food which in turn promotes wellbeing and positivity.Ghee is made from boiling the butter and removing the milk solids. What ends up is pure fat full of goodness. Ghee in its purest form is very easily assimilated by the liver and makes it easier to burn off by the body.Ghee is very rich in Vitamin A & E which also promotes healthy skin.It is also easily digested by our system which makes it one of the healthiest fats to consume.Many oils have low smoke point which means the fats break into free radicles and these are dangerous when ingested.Ghee has a high smoke point about 300c which makes it ideal for frying too. Now you know why our mothers and grandmothers used to fry foods in ghee. The best part about ghee is that it can be stored years together without going bad and does not require refrigeration. So with all these benefits , the next time don’t push away the ghee but eat in moderation.

To make good quality ghee always use grass fed cow butter. This is really important step as it affects the taste and smell of your end product. I have made ghee using other brands but it failed to give that real taste of ghee when heated.The best butter to use would be the Kerrygold Irish Butter which is made from grass fed cows. You can really use any butter which is similarly produced.This butter produces good ghee which tastes great with any food.I have also used salt which gives a grainy texture to the ghee when cooled down and fenugreek seeds which impart fragrant aroma. My mother used to add a pan leaf at the end and believe me it is so tantalising . These are optional ingredients but are worth using. There is a very thin line between when the ghee is done and not done. The roaring boiling and spluttering of the butter stops and you can smell the divine fragrance of ghee , it’s done. If unattended for a couple of more minutes the ghee will turn darker in colour. You can use it too and need not be thrown away. After the ghee cools completely it will have a grainy texture and can be stored at room temperature for months and years !!

makes about 700 gms of ghee

1 kg Butter (unsalted)
1 teaspoon Sea Salt/ salt
1 tablespoon Fenugreek seeds



  • ​In a thick bottomed deep dish , add all the butter.
  • Keep in on medium high flame till all the butter melts.
  • Turn on the heat to medium.
  • The butter will start to boil and splatter everywhere.
  • Do not disturb the butter.
  • The butter is done when the splattering stops completely.
  • At this stage switch off the gas and add salt and fenugreek seeds.
  • Allow the ghee to cool completely before transferring.

Note – the time required depends on the quantity of butter used and it’s water content.

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