watermelon & coconut slush & juice


As the temperature is rising, cool off with this tempting & flavourful slush cream without much guilt !!

What is life without ice cream ?? No idea…. but when the amount of calories consumed in a scoop of ice cream hurts , then this is a recipe to dig into. This is such a simple recipe with few ingredients and so flavourful that it cannot be written off as any excuse. It’s an all natural ice /slush cream as I call it. The recipe uses honey to sweeten and sweet watermelon which downsizes the need of processed sugar. The combination of coconut cream, water melon and mint is something to die for. At first , I was a bit reluctant as I felt that coconut would overpower the watermelon flavour. But I was so damn wrong , it tastes so much of watermelon and fresh mint adds the extra zing to it.

I had first tasted all natural ice cream in a mall in Delhi and back then it was just about catching up in the metros. The flavour was jamun fruit and oh my it was totally mind boggling!! What a burst of flavours and it’s after so many years that I am tasting another all natural cream. The thing with watermelon is that it contains a lot of water and this makes the cream form ice crystals no matter how much it is churned. So my take on this was to add an extract which will not allow the slush to freeze rock hard and also makes it scoopable. But I was not sure how vanilla would work with this combination and I used lemon extract. Oh what a lovely burst of flavours , I must say!!




The end result was a perfectly scoopable cream ! There is no need to thaw the recipe before scooping if you add the extract .Its ready to be digged into anytime.

My love for these flavours did not stop at this , I had the cream water left from this recipe and also few pieces of watermelon. While I eagerly waited for the cream to set , I blended the leftover coconut cream water, watermelon , honey and mint into an instant and insanely fresh mocktail. You got to make it to understand what I mean….watch the recipe till the end to see the mocktail recipe !!


1.5 cups watermelon cubed
1 can coconut milk (see notes below)
2-3 tablespoons honey
5-6 drops of lemon essence
​5-6 fresh mint leaves




  • ​In a food processor, add watermelon cubes
  • Add the thick coconut cream and reserve the liquid seperated coconut cream water to make smoothie.
  • add honey and blend well until smooth.
  • add fresh mint leaves and essence and grind for a minute more.
  • Transfer the contents to an airtight container and secure with a cling wrap.
  • Secure the lid and freeze until half done for about 3-4 hours.
  • Remove from freezer and blend again to break the crystals.
  • Transfer to the container back and re seal.
  • Freeze overnight or until done.
  • Your perfect scoop is ready to eat !!

NoteΒ – to separate the coconut cream and water , use only full fall coconut milk and not the skimmed version,
Place The can in the refrigerator overnight for the cream and water to separate.
if living in a colder climate , putting the can in the refrigerator might not be necessary since it will usually be separated.

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