besan burfi {chickpea burfi}


Besan Burfi is one of the easiest of Indian sweets. Indian festivals are loaded with sweets and snacks. One such festival is “Diwali”or “Deepavali”.


Diwali or Deepavali is the festival of lights celebrated in India during Autumn. This festival signifies the victory of light  (knowledge) over darkness (or ignorance). One of the festivals kids enjoy the most, by bursting crackers for 5 days and endless eating 🙂 Diwali has a nostalgic effect on me, as kids preparing for this festival used to be such a joy !! Probably the days of Diwali were the ones where Mom never used to have the headache of waking us up early. We were so excited about the next few days , that hardly sleep would matter. Getting up early, wearing new clothes , bursting the first cracker before your neighbour does and all that eating …………. Could not have asked for more 🙂  This used to be the usual routine for every diwali and we were never bored of this routine. Now flipping the coin 15 yrs later, being a mom you hardly have time to burst crackers. Preparing food for Diwali, entertaining guests , giving motherly tips to kids bursting crackers, decorating the house …….wow one can really say “Childhood is the best part of life” .

Now this Diwali, one of the sweets that I tried was this Besan Burfi. Its quite similar to Besan Ladoo, but the shape is different and probably uses less ghee that the ladoo.



  • In a non-stick pan, add ghee and roast the gram flour till the raw smell goes completely.
  • The colour of the mixture should turn slightly golden brown and you should get some heavenly smell of the roasted flour.
  • The mixture should not be too dry , so add more ghee if required.
  • The amount of ghee each brand of besan takes is different.
  • Now add the powdered sugar and give a good mix.
  • After 2 mins , remove  from fire and add cardamon powder.
  • Remove the mixture into a greased plate , and while its hot press the mixture using the back of a spoon
  • Sprinkle the slivered almonds and saffron and press lightly.
  • Mark the squares using a sharp knife.
  • Once the mixture sets then its difficult to cut into pieces.
  • Allow the burfis to cool completely before removing it from the plate.

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