cream fraiche chocolate mousse


A little tang a little sweet. This chocolate mousse is soft,light and deliciously yummy !!


When you are in your 20’s, probably anything gulped down is digested. Did not have to worry about putting on weight, following diets or lifting weights  :-). Now in 30’s , need to slow down a bit,  tame down the cravings and of course exercise and diet.Depriving myself of anything that is sweet, is something that does not suit me. It makes me eat more 😀 So once in a while and cautious eating works best for me.

About the mousse, this is a real quick and easy make ahead recipe. In 20 mins you can be done with it. The time consuming part is the refrigeration of the mousse and your impatience to plunge into the first bite.

Makes 8-10 pots

100 gms Dark Chocolate,at least 70%
200 gms Cream Fraiche
200 ml Whipping Cream
4 tablespoons powdered Sugar
Cherries for Decoration
Cocoa Powder to dust on top


  • Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for about a minute.
  • Remove it from the microwave and stir it contiously using a spoon, until you get a smooth texture.
  • To the melted chocolate , add the cream fraiche and blend them together.
  • In another big bowl, using a electric mixer whip the cream until soft peaks are formed.
  • This might take about 8-10 mins.
  • Add powdered sugar and whip again.
  • Now gently fold the chocolate and cream fraiche into the whipping cream.
  • Do not over do it since the air in the whipping cream will escape. This will not lead to a soft airy mousse.
  • When everything is mixed well, transfer the mousse into small ramekins or shot glasses.
  • Refrigerate for 8-10 hrs until well set.
  • Before serving , dust some cocoa powder and top it with cherries.


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