roasted bell pepper pasta sauce {fresh, homemade}


Homemade Pasta Sauce is anytime better than the store bought one. This pasta sauce is nutritious and healthy.It is loaded with bell peppers, basil and pine nuts. So Spice up your day with this easy to make sauce at home.


Ever wondered why these are called “peppers”?? Though it does not taste hot like the chilli nor it  belongs to the pepper {spice} family. Here goes a short history behind its name. The misleading name “pepper” was given by Christopher Columbus upon bringing the plant to Europe.At that time peppercorns was a highly priced spice from India. In India, the name for bell peppers is “Capsicum”. During that time in Europe,the name pepper was applied to all the spices that were hot and pungent to taste and was transferred to this newly discovered Capsicum.And since it shaped similar to a bell , it was named bell pepper.

Pasta is such a integral part of my cooking. Even though this is not part of our traditional cooking my family has very well adapted to its taste . I try a lot of different types of pastas using basil, cream and tomatoes. My son loves to take pasta to school and being a mother , I always want him to eat something that is fresh , healthy and at the same time it should satisfy his taste buds. This pasta sauce is made with fresh ingredients and you can control the amount of everything that goes into it.Especially pasta sauces are loaded with salt and sugar.The grilled peppers gives the sauce a smoky flavour. I make this sauce usually on Sunday and it stays good up to 3-4 days.This makes it easier for me to cook on a school morning. I will have to boil some pasta and chop a few veggies for flavour and texture. And voila its done. The best part would be when the lunch box comes home empty.

Since bell peppers are quite sweet , I felt that more pepper would spice up the sauce. You can really play with lots of vegetables and spices to make it more interesting and also to suit your family needs.So there is no proper rules for the pasta. Make it as you like it 🙂

Makes 1 Jar 500ml

4 Bell Peppers {Yellow,Orange,Red}
3-4 pods of Garlic
1 cup firmly packed Basil Leaves, washed
2 tsp Rock Salt
1/4th cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pine nuts, a handful
{you can use walnuts if pine nuts are not easy to find}
1 tsp of Mixed Italian Herbs
1-2 tsp of Pepper,crushed



  • Wash the peppers/capsicum thoroughly and wipe it clean.
  • Smear olive oil on the peppers and place it in a baking dish.
  • I have placed foil on the baking dish so that it is easy to clean after the grilling is done.
  • Grill at about 175c for about 40-50 mins until the skin of the peppers become smoky and loose.
  • Remove from the oven and allow it to cool.
  • Peel the skin of the peppers if you like. Remove the stems and place it in a food processor.
  • Add garlic,salt,pepper,herbs,basil,pine nuts and olive oil. Grind for a few seconds. It should not be a smooth paste. It should be a little bit coarse but the flavors should get blended well.
  • Transfer it into a clean jar and refrigerate for future use.

Note: Use a food processor to blend it into a sauce. The food processor helps to cut the food into coarse paste rather than a smooth paste.

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