besan {chickpea flour} & coconut truffle


Besan & Coconut Ladoo Truffle is a Indian and Western fusion.This was an experiment to try something different and truly it was awesome.


Of late my family is craving for desserts…everyday !! I was sure that I wanted to eat something Indian…(of course sweet..). Besan Ladoo is one of my favorites. My Mother and Mother in Law, both make awesome besan ladoos. And as usual , I started to roast my besan and then I had this open packet of desiccated coconut. I just added a handful of it and made the ladoos the normal way. They turned out great giving away the  delicate taste of coconut . Then I remembered my husband saying , “Oh no !! I wanted to eat a western dessert! “. Then this idea struck me, what if I coated the ladoos with chocolate and top it with toasted coconut flakes. At an instance , I started working on it.After I had accomplished my task , the  fusion newbie looked absolutely beautiful. I just could not resist my temptation to pop one even before I had completed the photo shoot. I must say, the ladoo and the chocolate complemented each other. And of course, my husband loved it. My day was done !!

Makes about 14 Ladoos

For the Ladoos
1 cup Gram Flour/Besan
1/4th cup desiccated coconut
1/2 cup Ghee
3/4th cup Powdered Sugar
1 pod of Cardamom powdered

For the Chocolate Coating
100 gms of Chocolate
Handful of toasted desiccated Coconut



  1. Heat ghee in a non-stick pan and roast the gram flour till it gives a nice aroma.
  2. When the gramflour is almost done, add the desiccated coconut and roast it for a couple of minutes.
  3. The desiccated coconut tends to burn quickly. So add it when you are almost ready with the gram flour roasting.
  4. Add the cardamom and remove it from fire.
  5. Now add the powdered sugar.
  6. Give it a good mix and check if the sweetness is ok.  At this point you can add more sugar if you like.
  7. Allow it a few minutes and then make tiny balls out of the besan mixture.
  8. If the mixture is not coming together, then smear your palms with little ghee.
  9. Place all the ladoos on a plate and allow it to cool. Meanwhile you can start the process of melting chocolate.
  10. Cut the chocolate into small pieces, so that the process of melting can be faster.
  11. Transfer the chopped chocolate into a microwave safe dish. I have used a soup mug. Heat the chocolate for a minute until it melts.
  12. Remove the chocolate pot from the microwave and give it a good stir using a spoon.
  13. Now on a plate, place a butter paper . Drop each ladoo,one at a time into the chocolate pot. Coat it well.
  14. Remove carefully using 2 small spoons to drain off the excess chocolate.
  15. Transfer it immediately onto the butter paper. Sprinkle the toasted coconut.
  16. Repeat the same process for the other ladoos.
  17. Put the plate in the refrigerator to set.


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