crispy chikki {roasted peanut bars , gluten free}


Learn to make peanut chikki , which is popular in India. It can be eaten as a snack of to treat your sweet taste buds. Jaggery makes the chikki more delectable and adds extra nutrition plus the unmatchable taste ! The trick to making it soft and breakable is given in this recipe. Do try it today !


makes 6-8 squares

1 cup peanuts * see notes
3/4 th cup jaggery grated or powdered
1/4 th cup water
1/4 th teaspoon soda


  • In a thick pan , add jaggery and water.
  • At medium heat , melt the jaggery.
  • When the jaggery is melted and starts to boil , take a cup of water and drop jaggery in it.
  • If the jaggery melts in water , that means it is not yet ready.
  • Keep cooking for another minute and check again.
  • When jaggery is dropped into water , it should hold shape .
  • Remove the drop of jaggery from water and stretch it.
  • If it stretches , the mixture is ready and your Chikki will be slightly chewy.
  • If you want hard Chikki, cook for a minute more and check by dropping a drop of jaggery in water.
  • If the drop of jaggery breaks into 2 , it means the Chikki will be hard.
  • Switch off the flame and add soda.
  • The mixture will bubble up .
  • Now add the peanuts and you need to work really fast here.
  • Coat the peanuts with the jaggery mix and transfer immediately to a greased surface.
  • Spread the Chikki as evenly as possible.
  • Smearing a little ghee to the spatula, helps to spread better.
  • Grease a rolling pin with ghee and roll the Chikki thin.
  • Mark the squares and allow to cool completely.
    Note – to make roasted peanuts, dry roast the peanuts built crisp. When it’s warm rub the peanuts inbetween palms to remove the skin. Separate the peanut into two and it’s ready to use.

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