sabudana & aloo papad {sago & potatoes}

Making most of the lockdown time and the beautiful spring/summer to make papads at home. These are deliciously easy to make and does not require a lot a of ☀️. It can be laid out inside the house as well , if outside space is a constraint. The papads take just 2 days to dry and even just a day , if exposed to 7-8 hours of 🌞. They store incredibly well upto 1-2 years in an airtight container. Fry it in oil to perk up any dish as and when required

Makes 50 medium sized papads

6 medium sized potatoes
3/4 th cup sabudana/sago
10 dry red chillies non spicy
2 spicy dry red chillies
1 teaspoon jeera / cumin seeds
1 teaspoon hing/asafoetida
Salt to taste
Oil for greasing and kneading


  • Wash and peel potatoes. Pressure cook the potatoes until soft without adding water.
  • In a Mixer jar , add sabudana or sago . Grind it into a smooth powder. There should be no big pieces.
  • In a spice grinder , add dry red chillies and pulse into a coarse powder.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, when it’s hot mash the potatoes using a fork or masher.
  • Mash the potatoes well so that there are no lumps.
  • To the mashed potatoes add the ground sago , chilli powder , salt and cumin seeds.
  • Mix it all well , mashing it and kneading with you palm.
  • The moisture from the hot potatoes should be enough to form a dough.
  • If you feel the dough is too dry add little water.

Grease your palms to avoid sticking of the dough.

  • Once the dough is kneaded, rest it’s for 10 mins.
  • Pull tiny lemon sized balls and with greased hands smoothen it.
  • Using a Papad machine ,and in between greased plastic , place a dough piece and press it .
  • Place on a greased paper or plastic and dry in the ☀️ or inside the house .
  • Flip it once in a while .
  • When completely dried , store in airtight container and fry in hot oil as and when required.

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