Microgreens { how to grow fenugreek / methi @ hOme }

Grow methi/ fenugreek leaves on your kitchen top without soil which is called the hydroponic method. This method makes the whole process mess free and therefore makes it a fun project. The end result is a power packed , nutritionally rich microgrees that takes your everyday cooking to the next level.

Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon (tiny leaves)leaves have developed.These are not sprouts but the next level , where it starts to grow into plants. Microgreens tend to have more nutritional value than a fully grown plant. The tiny plants pack a lot of flavour and punch. They add great value to your food visually and nutritionally. 

Methi or Fenugreek is a very commonly used ingredient in Indian kitchen and by far the most forgiving seed. The seeds are used to temper and used as and ingredient in Indian cooking . And the leaves are used to make flavourful dishes. 

Today we can see how easily these microgreens can be grown on our kitchen counters and without soil . Yes .. it’s possible to grow them without soil which makes it mess free. The tiny plants can be harvested in 20 days and if left longer, will grow to become mature plants. I have tried growing many greens but Fenugreek and Mustard are the most easiest and they turn out lush green , a treat to the eyes. 

What can you make with these dishes , here are a few gravies i have tried –

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