Aamras {alphonSo MaNgo}


Mango is the king of fruits but Alphonso mango is the King of Mangoes. This fruit which comes from India , is know for its flavour, sweetness and colour ! Summer is the time when this fruit is available to enjoy. During this short period of its availability , there are so many dishes that are prepared and one if it is the Aamras. This is eaten as a delicacies in itself but it goes very well with poori , Dosa , akki rotti or roti/chapati.


Serves 5-6

6 Alphonso mangoes , medium
2 tablespoons jaggery/sugar (optional)
5-6 cardamom pods, powdered
1/2 cup milk


  • peel all the mangoes using a peeler of knife.
  • place all the mangoes in a big bowl and start to squeeze the mangoes to remove the pulp.
  • remove all the seeds.
  • mash the pulp with your hands to make a purée.
  • add jaggery or sugar. this is optional depending on the sweetness and sometimes you do not need a sweetener at all.
  • add cardamom powder, milk and mix it all well.
  • It can be refrigerated and served chilled or straight away.
  • It goes well with puris , chapatis , dosas or akki rotti (thalipeeth)
  • Enjoy , the king of Mangoes Alphonso !
Alphonso Mango

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Alphonso Mango

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