Top 6 plants To Grow


Having a small garden is possible , where one can grow microgreens , herbs , chillies and tomatoes. Check out my 6 top recommendations on what you can grow with plastic tubs , soil and a few seeds.

Normally when we buy tomatoes , mushrooms, fruits etc at the supermarket , it comes with a plastic tub . And this tub goes straight to the dustbin after the produce is consumed. Wait don’t throw it . With those precious tubs , some potting mix , few seeds and some scraps from your kitchen , we can grow some produce which can be consumed.Here are some recommendations on the top 6 plants that I grew in my backyard and you can too.

  1. Mustard Microgreens
  2. Fenugreek / Methi leaves
  3. Spring Onions
  4. Spinach / Palak
  5. Mint / Pudina
  6. Ajwain / Carom Greens

How to grow methi/fenugreek using only water (hydroponic method) , check out the video here 👇🏻

fenugreek methi – hydroponic method

Mustard Microgreen – the mustard seeds or rai which we use to season our curries can be use to grow microgreens. Microgreens are small leaves that are about and inch tall. It’s called Microgreens when the first leaves appear. Even though they are very tiny , it’s packed with lots of flavour and nutrition . By far , in my experience these microgreens are the easiest to grow. Use a small plastic tub , add potting mix , sprinkle mustard seeds and top with a thin layer of soil. Water it well. Within 7-8 days you have Microgreens ready to be harvested and consumed. Cut whatever is required and the rest can be stored in a box , lined with kitchen tissue. Wash the microgreens when you are ready to consume. Washing and storing them will spoil the microgreens.

Fenugreek/ Methi – this is one of the easiest greens to grow. I have made a video on how to grow Methi hydroponically. But since water does not have all the required nutrients for a plant to grow , the growth is slower. There are nutrients available which can be added to water to speed the growth. Using soil the growth is faster. You can get matured leaves by 30 days and microgreens as little as 12 days. Before sowing the seeds in soil , soak the methi seed in water overnight. This step will speed up the process of sprouting. Fenugreek can be grown on your kitchen counter if space is a constraint. This is one plant that will keep your spirts high and inspire you to try growing new ones.

There is a post on how to grow Fenugreek/ Methi using hydroponic method. Check the full post here 👇🏻

Spring Onions – it’s very easy to grow spring onions. The best part is as you trim the shoots , they re grow. When you cut an onion , save the root part of the onion. Sow the root into the soil and water it . After 4-5 days shoots start to appear and grow . These shoots once matured can be used as garnish or in soups . Spring onions add a nice crunch and taste. Keep trimming the shoots and they re grow.

Spinach / Palak – this grows best in spring/ summer. The seed of spinach can be purchase from a nursery. This requires a fairly bug pot . Fill potting mix about 3/4 th and sprinkle the seeds. Cover with soil and water the soil. Do not over water this plant. Once the seeds germinate , it takes about 35-40 days harvest. Use fresh leaves in soups , Khichidi or curry. 

Mint / Pudina – this flavourful herb can be grown on your kitchen counter or outside. These can be grown from roots of the plant or from seeds. The seeds take 15-20 days to germinate (sometimes longer) and takes about a month to grow from there. One plant produces many leaves and thus it’s a good herb to grow. Add the leaves to chutneys, salads or pudina rice.

Ajwain / Carom – I have tried to grow this plant from the seeds used in the kitchen. Ajwain is a helpful seed used in Indian kitchen. The Ajwain water is given to small children when they complain of stomach ache. It has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. This herb of this plant can be used as a garnish to your salads or soups. The seeds take 10-12 days to germinate and the mature leaves look like dill leaves with wonderful aroma. 

These are some of the plants that I have successfully grown. They are actually no investment greens that can be grown from what you have at home. The best time to get results are in spring and summer. Fenugreek and mustard are consumed in winter months too . These two greens can be grown inside the house , probably on the kitchen counter where some sunlight is available. Try it ! 

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