Poha/Avalakki bhath {protien breakfast}

poha / avalakki bhath

Poha or Avalakki Bhath is a simple and protein rich  , one pot breakfast recipe . The main ingredient of this dish , that adds a whole lot of flavour is the vangibhath powder ! The powder can be made at home or store bought. 

poha / avalakki bhath

Serves 3-4
1.5 cups thick poha / avalakki
1/2 cup yellow moong dal
3 teaspoons Vangi Bhath powder
1 teaspoon concentrated tamarind paste or 2 tablespoons fresh tamarind juice
1 teaspoon jaggery
Salt to taste
3 cups water
1 teaspoon turmeric

For tadka
3 tablespoons oil
1 tablespoon ghee
Urad Dal
Channa Dal
Mustard Seeds
2 tablespoons peanuts

poha / avalakki bhath


  • In a pan , add moong dal and roast on medium flame until colour changes slightly.
  • In a bowl , add poha, wash and drain the water.
  • Add little water to soak the poha for 5 mins.
  • Add 2 cups water to moong dal , turmeric and salt.
  • Cook until the moong dal is cooked .
  • In a bowl add vangi Bhath powder , tamarind paste and water.
  • Make a smooth paste.
  • Once the dal is cooked add drained poha.
  • Add the masala paste and allow it to boil.
  • Now add the drained poha and mix.
  • Adjust salt .
  • Boil the poha and dal mix on medium flame , until it’s thick.
  • Add water , to adjust the consistency. It gets thicker as it cools down.
  • In another small pan , add oil .
  • When it’s hot , add peanuts and fry them until colour changes.
  • Fry the peanuts on medium flame.
  • Once the peanuts are fried , add mustard seeds, channa and urad dal.
  • Pour the tempering on the the bhath .
  • Mix it will . Add a dollop of ghee and serve it hot.

MaNgo mastani

Deliciously easy and refreshing drink to beat the summer heat , using the seasonal Alphonso Mangoes 🥭🥭. 

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