Eggless rose milk cake

eggless rose milk cake

Rose Milk Cake , is as soft Rose flavoured cake dunked in rose milk and decorated with light and airy whipped cream. Topped with pistachios and saffron , this is delectable dessert !

eggless rose milk cake

makes one 8 inch

​4 tablespoons thick yoghurt + 1/2 cup milk
​3/4 th cup sugar
3/4 th cup oil
1 & 3/4 th cup maida
2 tablespoons cornflour
1/2 th teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon rose essence

eggless rose milk cake
  • Method
  • for the rose milk , to 1/2 cup of roohafza , add 1/2 cup milk that is boiled and cooled.
  • if the milk is hot and adding it to roohafza , will curdle the milk.
  • In a big bowl sift flour, cornstarch, baking soda , baking powder , salt and sugar.
  • Give it a good mix.
  • add rose essence , pink colour , yoghurt , oil and milk.
  • mix in sweeping motion into a smooth mixture .
  • grease and line a baking pan .
  • pour the cake batter and spread it evenly.
  • tap to release any bubbles .
  • bake in the middle or lower rack at 180c for 35-40 mins until a tooth pick comes out clean.
  • allow to cool for 30 mins and unmould.
  • remove the baking sheet , set it in the same container.
  • in a small bowl , add honey, rose essence and strawberry jam.
  • poke a few holes in the cake and pour the rose milk made earlier. Let the cake soak all the flavourful milk.
  • refrigerate for an hour.
  • meanwhile whip up some light and airy whipping cream.
  • decorate the cake with the whipping cream.
  • i have sprinkled some powdered pistachios and few saffron strands.
  • refrigerate the cake for a few hours and slice them.
  • you can serve the cakes with little rose milk !

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