tiktok tortilla wrap {4 trending veggie wraps}

TikTok Mexican Wrap

Trending TikTok tortilla wraps are easy and convenient way of packing lunchboxes whether it’s for school or work. The combinations are endless and fun to make. Next time you have a few leftovers or want to try something different , here’s some inspiration. Here are 4 types of wraps – my take on the trending video.

What is a TikTok Wrap ?

A wrap is a food dish made with a soft flatbread rolled around a filling. The fillings can be different types from sweet to savoury. Use leftovers or use fresh ingredients to whip up a lunch or dinner in a jiffy. Kids love to eat this super healthy tortilla wrap. The unique style of the tiktok wrap is the way it is folded. Here I have made these personal favourite tortilla wraps and ofcourse you can use what you like and what you have on hand. Tortilla wraps are fun and easy way to make as per everyones liking. My take on the top food trends 2021 Tortilla Wrap Hacks –

What should I put in my Wrap ?

1.Mexican Wrap

2. Indian Aloo Tikki Wrap

3. Nutella & Strawberry classic combo wrap

4. Pizza Wrap

All these wraps are easy , convenient and make a filling take away for work , school or Picknicks.

Nutella Tiktok Wrap

How do you do TikTok Wrap ?

The concept is easy, cut a slit to the middle of tortilla and fill each quarter with your favorite “toppings” or ingredients. Then simply fold each quarter triangles onto themselves until you have a layered Tortilla wrap.

How do you make quesadilla TikTok ?

Are wraps healthy ?

Wraps are a fantastic substitute for a sandwich — in fact, you can often get more filling (especially vegetables) into a wrap than in a sandwich, making them a healthy alternative. Wraps come in many other guises: tortillas, Lebanese bread, mountain bread and roti.

Some ideas to use in Wraps :- Mediterranean Wrap

Hummus with Baked Falaffel

Dahi Kabab Wraps (Hung Yoghurt Kabab)

Dahi ke Kabab

What’s your favourite Tortilla Wrap ?

Aloo Tikki TikTok Wrap
Pizza TikTok Wrap

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