huruli saaru {south indian rasam}

hurli saaru / ಹುರಳಿ ಸಾರು / rasam

Hurali Saaru or ಹುರುಳಿ ಸಾರು Recipe is a delicious lentil curry from Karnataka ,is made from horse gram also known as Kulith in Hindi. Horse Gram is cooked with aromatic spices ground into a masala with coconut and finally seasoned with ghee and onions making it a perfect saaru/rasam to go along with rice or ragi balls.This is a protien rich recipe and consumed greatly in winters since it keeps the body warm, but can also be consumed during summers too (not often).

hurli saaru /  ಹುರುಳಿ ಸಾರು / rasam

Did you know : Horse gram is a great source of many key nutrients. Like other legumes, it’s especially high in protein and fiber, both of which may support healthy blood sugar levels and decrease appetite. It is also said that Horse Gram is helpful to remove kidney stones , naturally. It is believed that it dissolves the kidney stones but also stops developing them.

What is Horse Gram or Hurli : it is a legume native to tropical Asian countries, normally grown for Horse Feed but also used by human beings as a good source of protein.In Karnataka cuisine, ಹುರಳಿಸಾರು (hurali saaru), ಹುರಳಿ (hurali) is a main ingredient. Hurali is also used in preparations such as usali, chutney, basaaru, and upsaaru or upnesaru. This popular legume is consumed during winters for its exceptional quality of keeping the body warm. This of course can be consumed during summers but occasionally as it can increase the body temperature. This rasam or saaru is made by taking using only the cooked water of the legumes. The legumes are then used to make a dry palya/subzi to go with the saaru.

This Rasam can be had with steamed rice or with ragi balls. You can also have it plain as a soup with some warm or toasted bread. It is very good for cold and also for digestion.

hurli saaru /  ಹುರುಳಿ ಸಾರು / rasam

Serves 4-5 people

1 cup horse gram , soaked overnight
Salt to taste
1/2 onion , finely chopped

For Masala
1/2 cup fresh coconut
1 inch cinnamon
3 teaspoons rasam powder
2 tablespoons concentrated tamarind paste or 1/4 th cup tamarind water
1/2 onion sliced
1 teaspoon jaggery
1 ladle cooked horse gram

For tempering
1 tablespoon ghee/clarified butter
1/2 teaspoon hing/asafoetida
Mustard seeds
Few curry leaves


  • Soak 1 cup horse gram overnight.
  • Discard the water , add 4 cups water and a teaspoon of salt.
  • Pressure cook until the the legumes are soft.
  • To make the Paste : in a blender add coconut , rasam powder , cinnamon, onion , tamarind paste , onion , and 1 ladle cooked beans.
  • Grind to a smooth paste.
  • Separate the cooked horse gram and the water .
  • The water is used to make the rasam.
  • In a big pot , bring the cooked horse gram water to boil.
  • Add the Masala Paste, salt , jaggery , 1 ladle cooked horse gram, finely chopped onion .
  • Boil for 6-7 minutes on medium flame until slightly thick.
  • In a pan , add ghee and when it’s hot add mustard seeds , asafoetida and curry leaves.
  • Add the tempering to the rasam.
  • Mix well and serve with rice !
hurli saaru / ಹುರುಳಿ ಸಾರು / rasam

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