mango mastani

Mango Mastani

Deliciously easy and refreshing drink to beat the summer heat , using the seasonal Alphonso Mangoes 平平

Mango Mastani

What is Alphonse Mango ?

Alphonse #mango was named after the cultivator and which originated in India.

This seasonal mango is available from April – June. #alphonsomangoes have rich and creamy texture. The fruit is know for its non-fibrous , sweet and bright golden colour.

Mango mastani is rich and satisfying as a dessert. Its mind blowing intense colour , without adding any colour , sugar and the simplicity of the dessert, its indeed the King of Fruits.

Do try this awesome drink to beat the summer heat. Vanilla ice cream or Mango ice cream can be made at home or brought from the stores.If You want to try making your own ice-cream , do check out this easy mango ice cream recipe below.

The mango season invites me to try different mango recipes , whats your favourite ? 

Mango Mastani

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  • 4 Alphonso mangoes , chopped
  • 1 cup milk , chilled
  • 2 scoops + to serve , vanilla or mango ice cream
  • Whipping cream
  • Almonds slivered , to serve


  • In a Blender , add mangoes and milk.
  • Blend into a pur矇e.
  • Now add 2 scoops ice cream and blend until its a creamy mixture.
  • I have not added any extra sugar , since Alphonse by itself is very sweet and adding ice cream , will balance the need for extra sugar. But if you like it sweeter add 2 tablespoons powdered sugar while blending.
  • Pour the mixture into tall glasses , to about 3/4 th .
  • Top it up with a scoop of ice cream.
  • Pipe some sweetened whip cream.
  • Sprinkle some almonds and chopped mangoes.
  • Voila ! the most simple and yet delicious dessert is ready !
Mango Mastani

Mango Mastani

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