ice cream cake recipe {after eight}

ice cream cake

After Eight ice cream cake , is a delicious homemade ice cream and cake fused together for a heavenly experience. The “After Eight” mints render the ice cream that cool peppermint taste , that is so good. Do try this recipe !

Ice Cream Cake

Is Ice Cream Cake just ice cream ?

No , An ice cream cake is a cake and ice cream , two good things in one shot. A layer of rich cake and a layer of ice cream. The cake is baked and then placed in a ring , layered on top is the ice cream. This ice cream cake is frozen and eaten as one component.

How to make Ice Cream Cake ?

Ice Cream Cake has 2 main components , one is the cake base and the second one is the creamy homemade ice cream. In this recipe , I have detailed out on making a rich chocolate cake and its eggless too. Bake the cake , make the super easy after eight ice cream and freeze them together. That’s it ! This is a great recipe to beat the summer heat.


Different Flavor Combinations

Use different kinds of ice cream to suit your taste and liking. The combinations are endless and versatile. If you want a ice cream base recipe , feel free to check out the below video ! The sky is really the limit here.

homemade ice cream
Ice Cream Cake
ice cream cake

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