Mango mousse {eggless , No gelatine }

Mango Mousse

Making the best use of the mango season , here is an instant 3 ingredients mango mousse recipe. It’s quick and no use of gelatine or agar agar to set the mousse. This mango mousse is airy , light and can be made in a giffy.

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Aamras {alphonSo MaNgo}


Mango is the king of fruits but Alphonso mango is the King of Mangoes. This fruit which comes from India , is know for its flavour, sweetness and colour ! Summer is the time when this fruit is available to enjoy. During this short period of its availability , there are so many dishes that are prepared and one if it is the Aamras. This is eaten as a delicacies in itself but it goes very well with poori , Dosa , akki rotti or roti/chapati.

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