mango burfi recipe | mango barfi | mango burfi recipe using milk powder

Mango Burfi

mango burfi recipe | mango barfi  with a video recipe. This mango barfi recipe is made with alphonso mango pulp.This mango burfi is fudgy, flavoured with the delicious taste of alphonso mangoes and moist barfi recipe which makes it an ideal dessert recipe for any occasion. This recipe uses comparatively less sugar as the sweetness of the alphonso mangoes helps in cutting down the sugar level.

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Soft mysore pak

Soft Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is one of the most popular recipes from Karnataka, India. The delicious squares are made using chickpea flour + sugar + ghee or clarified butter. This recipe is not the original version but the softer version of the popular sweet. It’s made using another ingredient which is milk powder or milk solids that’s leftover after making ghee. Try this amazing sweet for its taste and texture.

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Soft rava ladoo {semolina & coConut sweet balls}

Rava Ladoo is a very popular Indian Sweet made for any occasion, without any too 😃. These ladoos are very soft with a delicate flavour of coconut and cardamom. These ladoos stay good for 3-4 days at room temperature or 8-10 days when refrigerated. If you want to keep the ladoos longer at room temperature, use desiccated coconut instead of fresh coconut.

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Rice Kesaribhat {saffron infused rice pudding}

Rice Kesari Bhat

Rice Kesaribhat is a rich and indulgent sweet made with „Jeera Rice“. This rice is a short grain rice and very fragrant. The rice is infused with saffron which gives it a vibrant colour and flavour.

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