ice cream cake recipe {after eight}

ice cream cake

After Eight ice cream cake , is a delicious homemade ice cream and cake fused together for a heavenly experience. The “After Eight” mints render the ice cream that cool peppermint taste , that is so good. Do try this recipe !

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Red velvet Sheet cake {eggless}

Red Velvet Cake {eggless}

This Valentine’s Day , try this soft , moist and spongy red velvet sheet cake. It’s super easy to make and the best part is , it’s eggless. The texture and the taste of the cake enhances as the cake rests. So a wonderful make ahead recipe. 

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mayonnaise recipe | homemade eggless mayonnaise recipe | how to make mayonnaise { 2 dips }

eggless mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a egg based light and creamy sauce, that is used in burgers , sandwiches , rolls and as dips. Here we are making 2 delicious eggless mayonnaise that can be whipped in just 30 secs, right 30 seconds ! Use just few ingredients from your kitchen and whip up this deliciousness.

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Mango mousse {eggless , No gelatine }

Mango Mousse

Making the best use of the mango season , here is an instant 3 ingredients mango mousse recipe. It’s quick and no use of gelatine or agar agar to set the mousse. This mango mousse is airy , light and can be made in a giffy.

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